Seven Knights is a game originally from Korea, published by Netmarble Company . The Global/Asia version was published separately to another application after the Korea version by 2 years. The current flow of the game follows the Korea version, and there are a lot of updates in the Global/Asia server for players excitment. 

The game starts off from a tutorial which shows you how to use skills to attack opponents and summon other heros to help. Then it brings the player to the Adventure (Easy mode) and assists players to complete the Beginners Quest.

When players complete the Adventure from Easy to Hard difficulty, the game shows the story of how Evan Expedition prevents the war in Asgar by helping Rudy, one of the Seven Knights who protects Mystic Woods, one of the territory in Terra Kingdom. Players are able to accquire heros and Elements throught the Adventure, and the game brings players to Moonlight Isle after completing Asgar in all difficulties.

Here are the main gameplay features: Adventure, Celestial Tower, Dungeon, Raid, Arena, Castle Rush, Guild War.

Here are some systems: Battle Formation, Hero Powering Up, Hero Ranking Up, Fusion, Unlocking, Skills, Mastery, Equipment Ranking Up.

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