Grim Reaper Dellons

4 Stars Icon
Dellons4 Icon
Grim Reaper Dellons Seven Knights icon Seven Knights
Offensive mini icon Offensive
Stats Lv. 30 +0 Lv. 50 +5
HP HP: 1893 3733
ATK P.ATK: 623 1982
DEF DEF: 328 1084
SPD SPD: 24 24
Additional Information
How to acquire: Seven Knights Points; Seven Knight Ticket icon Seven Knights Ticket; Seven Knight Ticket icon Seven Knights Selector Ticket; Special Hero Ticket icon Special Hero Ticket; Fusion (2x Heroes 3★)
It is not known how Dark Knight Dellons became a Grim Reaper. Judging by his hesitation to cause harm, perhaps he isn't a full Reaper just yet.
Dellons4 Skills
Special Basic Attack Special Basic Attack {{{spadesc}}}
Boundary of Death Boundary of Death Passive Becomes immune to all damage 2 times. (This effect also applies to Ignore Armor and Piercing Attacks.) Additionally, increase the Damage of all allies by 30%. Also, decreases skill cooldowns by 5 seconds with each basic attack. (This effect also applies to Counterattack and Speed Attack.)
Deadly Strike Deadly Strike 80' Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on 1 enemy 3 times. Additionally, piercing will take effect, and ignores the enemy's Defense.
Advent Grim Reaper Advent Grim Reaper 80' Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on all enemies. Silences one target or more at a certain rate for 2 turns.
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[[File:{{{skill3}}}.png|64px|{{{skill3}}}]] {{{skill3}}} Awakened Skill {{{sk3desc}}}
Stats & Status Effects
Crowd Control (CC)
Silence Icon Silence
P.DMG +30% (All)
M.DMG +30% (All)
Skill Cooldown -5s
Void Shield 2 times
Pierce ATK Immune 2 times
Ignore DEF Immune 2 times
Pierce ATK
Ignore DEF
Most recommended for
Dimensional Arena enter icon Daily Dungeon enter icon Tartarus enter icon Castle Rush enter icon Guild War enter icon Guild Dungeon enter icon Guild Raid enter icon Arena enter icon Raid enter icon World Boss enter icon Adventure enter icon Celestial Tower enter icon Exploration Team enter icon
Rank Up
Dellons Rank Up
Dellons4 Screen
Dellons Awakening
Dellons Awakening Screen
Myth Awakening
Dellons Myth Awakening
Dellons Myth Awakening Screen
Exclusive Item
Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

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Myth Special Item
Special Effect on +10
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