Miracle Healer Karin

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Miracle Healer Karin Evan's Crew icon Evan's Crew
Support mini icon Support
Stats Lv. 30 +0 Lv. 50 +5
HP HP: 840 3871
ATK M.ATK: 297 1367
DEF DEF: 188 909
SPD SPD: 10 10
Additional Information
How to acquire: Rare Hero Pack icon 3-6★ Hero x11 Summon; Rare Hero Ticket icon 3-6★ Hero Summon; Common Hero Pack icon 1-5★ Hero x11 Summon; Common Hero Ticket icon 1-5★ Hero Summon; Rare Hero Ticket icon Rare Hero Ticket; Rare Hero Ticket icon 5★ Hero Selector Ticket; Fusion (2x Heroes 4★); Rank Up Archmage Karin
Rudy called for Karin's help when he found a wounded angel who fell from the sky. Karin's miraculous healing powers brought her back to life.
Karin5 Skills
Special Basic Attack Special Basic Attack {{{spadesc}}}
Blessed Resurrection Blessed Resurrection Passive Revives once with 80% HP.
Heal Heal 58' Recovers an ally's HP by 200% of Magic Attack.
Revive Revive 140' Revives an ally with 60% HP.
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[[File:{{{skill3}}}.png|64px|{{{skill3}}}]] {{{skill3}}} Awakened Skill {{{sk3desc}}}
Stats & Status Effects
Crowd Control (CC)
Heal 200% MATK (1 Ally)
Revive 80% + 60% HP (1 Ally)
Most recommended for
Dimensional Arena enter icon Daily Dungeon enter icon Tartarus enter icon Castle Rush enter icon Guild War enter icon Guild Dungeon enter icon Guild Raid enter icon Arena enter icon Raid enter icon World Boss enter icon Adventure enter icon Celestial Tower enter icon Exploration Team enter icon
Rank Up
Karin Rank Up
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Miracle Healer Karin
Karin Awakening
Karin Awakening Screen
Myth Awakening
Awakening Info - Karin
Myth Awakened Karin
Exclusive Item
Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

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Myth Special Item
Special Effect on +10
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