Here's a list of storylines that appear in different moments in the game, Seven Knights.

Notice: The story (Noho's records) in this page follows the story of Seven Knights in the Global server only. Some stories of Seven Knights: Season 3-4 appears only in the Korea version of the game. Yui's songs (from chapter 47 and ahead) have not been updated in global yet. Dungeon quests and item stories have  also not been released in global.

Noho's Records & Yui's Song

Guide to read the story in game:

Records Reading Room
Records Reading Room
Noho's Records
Noho's Records
Prologue, Guild War Debut, and Episodes
Yui's Song
Yui's Song
Scenes throughout the game

Timeline of Story

Timeline Icon

Check out Timeline of Events for the chronology of of when each event takes place in the story. Some info is taken from the korean server and the sequel, Seven knights II.

*Please click on Noho's Records and Yui's Song to read the updated story scene separately.

Hero Trivia & Miscellaneous Sources

A list of trivia regarding hero information from the stories.

For character rankings in the story, see Character Rankings

For a complete list of confirmed birthdays of characters, see Character Birthdays

For a list of the worldview and maps, see Maps

Event & Other Stories

Event Stories Other Stories

Gaia Gift Scenarios

Seven Knights
Rudy7 Icon.png Kris7 Icon.png Rachel7 Icon.png Eileene7 Icon.png Jave7 Icon.png Spike7 Icon.png Vanessa7 Icon.png
My Will Demon Ruler Fire of Resurrection Phoenix Empress Guardian Dragon Burning Ice Heart Master of Hourglass
Seven Knights of Old
Gelidus8 Icon.png Melia8 Icon.png Rosie8 Icon.png
Regret and Promise Human Child A New Friend
Four Lords
Ace7 Icon.png Lu Bu7 Icon.png Rin7 Icon.png Sun Wukong7 Icon.png
Moonlit Isle In Peril Heart for Diaochan Where Did the Protection Emblem Come From? A Deal to Seal
Four Lords of Old
Teo7 Icon.png Kyle7 Icon.png Karma7 Icon.png
The Decision New Battlefield Light of Nirvana
Holy Cross Crusaders
Shane8 Icon.png Shane and Sieg Shane, Nia, and Ruri Shane and Espada
Magic Academy
Tara8 Icon.png Noa8 Icon.png
Mother’s Heart Eccentric Friends
Seven Demon Lords
Surtr8 Icon.png Sage8 Icon.png
Throne of Giant Great Sage of Snakes
Dellons8 Icon.png Aleem7 Icon.png Trude8 Icon.png Sizar8 Icon.png
Eternity Media Tycoon Heart of War Hatred

Unreleased stories

From Korean Server
Exclusive Items Heroes' Quests Interludes Events Other
From Japanese Server
Relationship Dungeons Heroes' Quests Bosses Events Other
From Chinese Server
Heroes' Quests
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