Ultimate Guardian Rudy

6 Stars Icon
Rudy6 Icon
Ultimate Guardian Rudy Seven Knights icon Seven Knights
Defensive mini icon Defensive
Stats Lv. 30 +0 Lv. 50 +5
HP HP: 3881 10676
ATK P.ATK: 754 2449
DEF DEF: 686 2379
SPD SPD: 20 20
Additional Information
How to acquire: Seven Knight Ticket icon Seven Knights Ticket; Seven Knight Ticket icon Seven Knights Selector Ticket; Special Hero Ticket icon Special Hero Ticket; Fusion (2x Heroes 5★); Rank Up Light Guardian Rudy
As the long-standing protector of Mystic Woods, and earning a place on the Throne of Light, Rudy was acknowledged as the Ultimate Guardian by the people.
Rudy6 Skills
Special Basic Attack Special Basic Attack {{{spadesc}}}
Sturdy Shield Sturdy Shield Passive Increases the Defense of all allies by 60%. Additionally, Block will be applied for all Damage received. Decreases fixed damage received by all allies by 75% 3 times.
Rush Rush 75' Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on the 1 enemy with the highest Physical Attack or Magic Attack 3 times. Inflicts damage equal to 30% of the enemy’s max HP. Stuns the enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate. Reduces the enemy's buff duration by 4 turns.
Defense Preparation Defense Preparation 74' Reduces all damage received by 80% and becomes immune to debuffs for 3 turns. (If hit with the Death debuff, receives 100% Physical Damage.) Protects all allies from damage 1 time.
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[[File:{{{skill3}}}.png|64px|{{{skill3}}}]] {{{skill3}}} Awakened Skill {{{sk3desc}}}
Stats & Status Effects
Crowd Control (CC)
Stun Icon Stun
DEF +60% (All)
Void Shield 1 hit (All)
Debuff Immune 3 turns
Buff Duration -4 turns
Most recommended for
Dimensional Arena enter icon Daily Dungeon enter icon Tartarus enter icon Castle Rush enter icon Guild War enter icon Guild Dungeon enter icon Guild Raid enter icon Arena enter icon Raid enter icon World Boss enter icon Adventure enter icon Celestial Tower enter icon Exploration Team enter icon
Rank Up
Rudy Rank Up
Rudy6 Screen
Rudy Awakening
Rudy Awakening Screen
Myth Awakening
Awakening Info - Rudy
Myth Awakened Rudy
Exclusive Item
Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

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Myth Special Item
Special Effect on +10
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